Barack Obama Describes the Symptoms of Romnesia

3 thoughts on “Barack Obama Describes the Symptoms of Romnesia”

    1. Make sure you hit the Subscribe button up there on the right then 😉 I’m trying to blog a bit more frequently than I had been. Keeping it light and humorous in tone, mostly.

      The Pillow family is all gravy. Annabelle is growing like a weed and will soon welcome a new sibling in April. They may wind up with the same birthday two years apart. We shall see. How’s the married life treating you, Mrs. Huffman?

  1. I have officially subscribed! Just read the post about sardines- I can remember watching my papa eat those, and always having him try to get me to eat one- no way!

    Married life is…eh, not so different from unmarried life. I guess! Haha

    Congrats to you and the fam on your pending addition! I had not heard through the CC grapevine that you all were expecting- very exciting! I’m not sure when we will take that leap. I guess I’ll be the super old mom of the class?? Eh- who cares? My dad was 34 when I was born, and I think he did alright…he just talks a lot. Haha Anyway- I’m glad I logged into my dusty, old Twitter account and reconnected with you and your blog!

    Peace and cheese! (Hello to the fam!)

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