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Kevin Love: The New Big Fundamental

When Kevin Love declared for the NBA Draft in April 2008, I shook my head. Like Tyler Hansbrough, who was dominating college basketball at the time, I thought of Love as only a college player. He didn’t have what it would take to muster a valid career in the NBA. He would average 10 and 5 for a few years, find himself caught in the middle of a packaged three team deal, then slink to the end of the bench on a non-contender and disappear, never to be seen or heard from again. I was wrong

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Jeffrey Pillow is a wannabe novelist of social satire and literary fiction. While changing poopy diapers and trying to convince his two year old daughter to brush her back teeth, he often ponders the three act structure and the construction of the perfect inciting incident. His nonfiction has appeared on the cover of URGE magazine, 16 Blocks,, The Nervous Breakdown, USA Today, Yahoo! Sports, and et al. Read the full bio...

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